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Come experience the fun of a Game Jam. We’re even encouraging the creation of non-digital games, so those with no programming experience can still participate.

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The Theme!

To offer inspiration for the jammers one image and one word theme were selected for the inaugural Jam-tart. The themes were selected from a list of 25 images and 50 words through a random number generator. (...)

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Finding Emo

Finding Emo is a classic of the Emo Figthing Genre: Some say even the best.This was made in our proprietary Emo Engine. Our team's vision was to create the most realistic emo fighting game to date. Cut yourself on razors to die the quickest and prove yourself to be the best emo in the land! We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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Roid Slinger

You are the sole survivor of a devastating attack on earth! These bastard aliens have killed your family, your friends and your goldfish, Frank! There is no hope for survival, but you can take down as many of them as you can... it's time for revenge! Use your ship's gravity to pull the asteroids towards you, and use them to balst the alien scum! Arrow-keys to move, space to shoot.

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